Add a New User

Prior to creating a new user in Sevocity, the Security Administrator must understand the following:

  • Adding a new user, regardless of Access Level, may affect the clinic's monthly Sevocity invoice. Refer to the clinic's Services Agreement for information on user allowances.
  • Users who need to add or update patient allergies and medications or who need to prescribe medications electronically must be set up to access the medication and allergy module. Contact Sevocity Support for the steps to obtain user access to the medication and allergy module.
  • Users who need an Access Level of Full Chart cannot be added by the Security Administrator. Contact Sevocity Support for assistance with adding Full Chart access for a user.

The Sevocity Clinic User Profile is comprised of demographic fields and access options that determine a user's level of access to patient information and ability to use features in Sevocity.


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